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We’re constantly told to be healthy, to eat healthy, to exercise. What’s the point in that since we’re all going to die anyway? We can’t avoid death, no matter what we do. Sure, everyone will have to die of something. You may be very healthy and fit and you will still die anyway BUT you may not have to die so soon – so why not make the most out of your life in the meantime? I believe the purpose of practicing a healthy lifestyle is to at least attempt to live a long and meaningful life. Our ride on Earth is short so why not make it worthwhile?

Correlated to a healthy lifestyle – you get a great metabolism, if you push yourself, you can do any physical activity imaginable, whether it be dancing, sports, fighting, improved reflexes and so on. Think of it, you will also be strong enough to play with your children and eventually, grandchildren.

Your body normally ceases to exist. Your vision, hearing, vision, all decline as you age. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, you will have the option of slowing down that process. Obviously, if you care about them now, you will care about them in the future. Also, this includes the capacity of your bones, muscles and every one of your organs, alongside a solid resistant situation that keep you alive at the present time.

Honestly in short, the healthier you are, the better outlook you get in life and the more enjoyable it really becomes. It’s all about looking at life in a positive way.

So that as long as you live, you could live your life to its fullest. What would you rather do, sit around being obese and suffering diabetes and lung cancer, or going to places, traveling and hiking and meeting friends?

We can’t avoid death,  but we can delay it. 

We can impact our quality of life from now till then.

We can impact our mental states by practicing a healthy lifestyle.