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Team Armada Martial Arts​ has been built over the foundation of loyalty, friendship, and respect. Not only do we teach practical martial arts skills that can be applied instantly for self-defense use, we also teach valuable life lessons and encourage a tight-knit community to help our students form a happier and healthier lifestyle. 

Rather than specializing on a single martial arts skill, here at Team Armada Martial Arts, we introduce multiple, interdisciplinary ideas that benefit the students in all aspect. Strength training and movement awareness classes, for example, allow students to be stronger and more aware of their own bodies, so that they can apply these principles in martial arts without any injury.

Who We Are

Hall of fame



Date and award

March 2019

Copa Da Malaysia

June 2019

MMA, Kick boxing, Boxing (idk what the competition is called)

July 2019

Copa Da Malaysia


Bless Yeap (Silver)

Carlos Canos (Gold)

Simon Jeong (Gold)

Marco Germani (MMA)

Ming Yong (Boxing)

Bless Yeap (Bronze)

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