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A majority of people who have tried personal or private training can probably agree that they got something out of the whole experience. No doubt Personal Training provides a wide array of benefits, but like may other professions, there are still some incorrect views about Personal Training. It’s quite common to have misconceptions regarding something before we’ve tried it.

Here we debunk some common misconceptions:

#1: Trainers will make you adhere to the “NO PAIN NO GAIN” mentality

It is true that one of their primary objectives as a Personal Trainer is to push their clients to a reasonable level of discomfort and difficulty that they might not usually be able to push themselves on their own. Let’s face it, we always need a third party to give us that extra push to work harder, right? Scientifically, we know we do have to place continued increased physical demands on the body beyond what we do in a normal day in order to get gradual and consistent gains in strength, endurance etc. However, that does not mean that we should kill ourselves in the process. Remember, a knowledgeable and experienced Personal Trainer will help you meet your goals but not at the expense of pain and discomfort that can cause serious setbacks in your training regime.

#2: Trainers do not understand what it’s like to be “out of shape”

Just because someone is in tip-top shape does not mean that they were born that way. Some people may have been blessed with good genes but usually that is often not the case with most Personal Trainers. There are trainers who came from unhealthy beginnings and their story inspires them to help others. Try not to assume that your trainer does not know what you are going through because chances are that they know better than you think.

#3: Trainers are overpriced

One simply does not put a price tag on health. Period. Think about it, people hire service providers to clean their house, babysit your kids, or even hire a cook to cook for them. When your car breaks down, you hire a mechanic. These providers are also trained and specialized in what they do and they do it better effectively and efficiently. Why do we not feel this way about our health? Why do we not just fix our cars ourselves? When you think about it, if a car is beyond repair, you can always change a new car. But you only have ONE body. You can’t just go out and buy a new body. Bottom line is we should not feel any bit of selfishness in looking at a service like Personal Training.

#4: Trainers have it easy when it comes to exercise & nutrition

Trainers are humans too and they do struggle and face the same challenges as their clients. The key is to have realistic strategies to make sure we are aware of all potential obstructions that might pop up and to make sure they do not sabotage our goals.

All in all, we hope this article helped shed some light on the misconceptions that most people have about Personal Trainers. And if you’ve been considering to talk to a trainer, it’s never too late to get started.