A humble and soft spoken chap, Faiz started his martial arts journey during his schooling days with the intention of getting healthier and losing weight. Fast forward today, Faiz has 10 years of martial arts training experience and 2 years of coaching experience. As an Apprentice Instructor, Faiz works closely with the Head Coach to help students improve their skills in combat sports through a well-structured curriculum. Having been immersed in the martial arts scene has taught Faiz a lot of values that he’s been able to transcend down into his lifestyle to constantly improve his game. Faiz currently teaches the Adults and Kids Muay Thai classes.


  • Diploma In Port Management – Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology
  • MIMMA Season 4 Finalist
  • Amateur MMA Record of 3 Wins and 3 Loss
  • 10 Years Martial Arts Training Experience
  • Muay Boran Basics
  • Basic Military Experience