Fs Cheng

Western Boxing
Kids Brazilian Jiujitsu
Brazilian Jiujitsu Fundamentals

A former amateur boxer himself, FS has years of coaching experience and is also a sanctioned judge and referee for WBC (World Boxing Council) where he is currently the most experience Malaysian Professional Boxing referee.

Currently a BJJ blue belt, FS leads the “Adults BJJ Fundamentals” and “Kids Brazilian Jiujitsu” class. FS is also a multiple medalist in local and international BJJ events.

Peter Chong

Brazilian Jiujitsu (All Levels)
No-gi Submission Grappling

A former student at Team Armada, Peter received his purple belt from Master Joe Moreira while living in Hawaii. Peter has also trained under Brazilian Freestyle Jiujitsu and also Jiujitsu Therapy school during his time in Hawaii. Peter’s current game and teaching style reflects the concepts and understanding of Jiujitsu while training with Professor Brian Wong of Jiujitsu Therapy.

Marco Germani

Muay Thai
Kids Muay Thai
Metabolic Conditioning

Marco was also a former student at Team Armada, now a junior instructor leading the “Adults Muay Thai” and “Kids Muay Thai” class. Marco is also actively competing in Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ, Kickboxing and MMA in this region. He also conducts the strength and conditioning training during the Metabolic Conditioning class.

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